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یادداشتم کن : ویژه اندروید

اطلاعات کاربری

تاریخ : 1398/01/06
مهمان - خوش آمدید

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جملات تصادفی

Qualify :
[qual·i·fy || 'kwɑlɪfaɪ /'kwɒ-] :

become fit; show that you are able

صلاحیت داشتن ، واجد شرایط بودن.
Examples :
a. I am trying to qualify for the job which is now vacant.

b. Since Pauline can't carry a tune, she is sure that she will never qualify for the Girls' Chorus.

c. You have to be over 5'5" to qualify as a policeman in our town.